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  • Carbohydrate heaven at CSU Bakersfield

    A taste of the ultimate comfort food is coming to Bakersfield. The first of what is likely to be an annual event, the Bakersfield Macaroni and Cheese Festival will take place this weekend at the CSU Bakersfield Amphitheater.

  • Bakersfield preps for tasty mac and cheese festival

    April 12 might be some time away yet, but that did not stop the organizers of the Macaroni & Cheese Festival in Bakersfield from promoting the upcoming event on a local television program, First Look with Scott Cox, last Thursday.

  • Downtown Bakersfield has plans for a busy February

    In a measure to make the downtown area of Bakersfield more appealing to visitors and residents, the downtown business association is holding a number of events throughout the month of February.

  • Bakersfield celebrates Scottish poet

    In honor of the birthday of one of Scotland's most famous poets, the Kern County Scottish Society, in Bakersfield, will be hosting a dinner later this month.